Understanding Hypertension

High blood pressure (BP)
1:19 Min
Understanding Hypertension/HTN
High BP basics
1:31 Min
Simple explanation of Hypertension/HTN
Complications of High BP
2:04 Min
Complications of Hypertension/HTN
Monitoring High BP
1:57 Min
How to monitor high blood pressure or hypertension (HTN)
Treatment of high BP
2:33 Min
Lifestyle and medications for hypertension/HTN
Treating high BP
3:00 Min
Treatment options for hypertension/HTN
Heart Medications
10:45 Min
Heart team pharmacist reviews cardiac medications.
Nutrition and Heart disease
12:36 Min
Preventive cardiology dietitian Michelle Routhenstein discusses role of diet in heart disease
Exercise & Heart Health
7.02 Min
Cardiac rehab. exercise professional explains the benefits of staying active after a cardiac event.